nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance – Christopher Pointdexter

LOCHT is available in 31 scents. As a candle, reed diffuser or (room) spray. Most scents are permanently available, some change with the seasons (**) and a single one is exclusively available online (***) Almost all fragrances are 100% pure. A few are scented with the best synthetic option. As stated in the product description.

almond ** (available October to March)
Marzipan! That is the first thing that strikes us in the smell of this delicious sweet almond candle. She calms
and cleans and is therefore good company.
sweet, nutty, edible

at ease
a relaxing combination of spices, moss and wood
sweet, sensual, delicate, warm, safe

balance ● part of HAVA-collection . NEW
a floral combination of ylang-ylang (gives peace, dispels anger, harmonises), jasmine (makes receptive) and ambrette (brings balance)

is extracted from the peel of the immature citrus fruit. She greets cheerfully, refreshes and relaxes. You could
recognise her from the Earl Grey tea.
light fruity, floral, citrus

cabin in the woods
a smokey combinatie between several woods and firs
blankets, fireplace, cosy, dark woods

calmth ** (available October to March)
a fresh, typical decembery combination of several
leaves and branches
wreath, crisp, fresh, spicy, berry, christmas

campfire ** (temporarily unavailable)
a crackling bonfire deep in the woods
smoky, woody, green, spicy

the queen of the coniferous trees. Majesticly smells like strength and dignity. She warms and comforts when
earthy, spicy, woody

chai (*** online exclusive)
a warming combination of sweet, fragrant spices
warm, familiar, spicy, gingerbread, stormy weather

a crisp combination of citrus and wood
citrus, clean laundry , white flowers, wood

a dewy, sweet combination of moss, leafs and resin
sultry, warm, cosy, crisp, muggy

dusk ** (available April to September)
a late summer evening amid abuntant blooming flowers
floral, sweet, sultry

elderflower & lime ** (available April to September)
The distinct fragrance of Dutch summers because elderflower grows & flowers abundantly – from countryside to city. This summer we combined her with fresh sweet lime.
fresh, sweet, summery, floral

focus ● part of HAVA-collection . NEW
a woody combination of frankincense (opens the mind, develops new insights), cedar (deepens) and vetiver (calms)

fresh fig
Fresh figs are delicious sweet and soft. And that’s exactly how this scent smells. [perfume]
soft, sweet, warm

a heartwarming combination of incense, citrus and resin
warm, nice, sweet, leathery, sunny day

green tea
not only great for huge thirst on a hot summer day, also a nice fresh smell. [perfume]
fresh, sweets, clean, summery, tidy, delicious

holiday ** (available April to September)
smells of grass and moss, somewhat floral, somewhat spicy
dew, moss, grass, water, sea, tent

in the woods ** (available October to March)
a refreshing combination of fir, spices and wood
wood, pine forest, nostalgia, crisp, spicy, christmas

insight ● part of HAVA-collection . NEW
a mildly spiced combination of elemi (supports visualization, helps to open up), cinnamon (reveals) and sandalwood (deepens)

the zen among all flowers. Calming, soothing and uplifting. It balances the mind.
floral, spicy

lemon verbena
Also know as verveine. Delicious as tea and for many a nice association with long, hot summer holidays in France.
lemony, grassy, green, light-spicy

linden blossom
smells like a fresh spring day. It helps with turmoil and works smoothly.
floral, fresh, warm, spring

a creaky combination of citrus, moss and wood
fresh, woody, soap, nostalgia, floral, delicate

a friendly, soft and very familiar scent. Because muskus is very popular in the perfume industry. [perfume]
warm, slightly sweet, powdery, leather, mossy, wet earth, woody

orange blossom
is not only beautiful to see, it also smells very delicious. She is known for her soothing, luminous effect.
lemony fresh, sweet, floral

The association with hippies in musty Indian scarves is easy made, but Patchouli is of all times and for everyone. She helps to ground and stimulates you to take a step back.
woody, musty, wet earth, incense, green, leafy, spicy

not only a delicious spice on your baked potatoes, but also known for its exciting scent. It cleans body and
mind and stimulates a positive atmosphere.
strong, fresh, floral, spicy

is a soft, woody scent. Known from incense sticks, but softer in this variation. She gives inner peace and
woody, sweet, soft

sunrise ** (available April to September)
that soft, sweet, dewy beginning of a warm summer day
mossy, green, warm, sweet, a hint of spice, citrus

together ** (available October to March)
a warm combination of citrus and sweet spices
warm, cosy, fall, zesty