about LOCHT

smell is a wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you lived – Helen Keller

Scented candles? Until recently I thought about certain departments of large department stores. Thick smelly air. As if you could take a big chunky bite out of it.  And then it would foam from your mouth.

I could only think: ‘This should be done differently!’

And so the adventure began. Spring of 2015. One mission: a 100% natural product. Or actually: a 100% nice natural product. A series of searching, testing, failing, continue searching, testing again.
In August I launched the first collection of ten LOCHT candles. They were so warmly welcomed, a considerable expansion followed half a year later. And a few after that.

LOCHT is poured by hand in Groningen.
In the studio of omstebeurt in the old dressing house of the outdoor swimming pool (with a view!)
Yes, the studio always smells delicious! And you will find any answer to all your other burning (pun intended) questions here.